SUP Hammock

Hang out over the Nile &
let your mind and body drift

Do you love hammocks and the tranquil relaxation of water? Now’s the time to combine both for the ultimate chill out, sunbathing and swimming session.

Specially made for Nile SUP, you’ll struggle to find it anywhere else in the world. This is something you’ll only truly appreciate when you’re suspended over the mighty river Nile with a cold beer in your hand and your feet dangling in the water.

The rig can take two, three or four people to ensure it’s well balanced, so find some friends and share the fun!

SUP Hammock Tour

Our hilarious local tour guide Abra will be your captain, barman and entertainment.

The SUP Hammock rig is surprisingly manoeuvrable, so as you float around the river Abra will keep your drinks topped up while talking to you about the local area, pointing out the otters, monitor lizards and the thriving birdlife.

What’s Included?
  • Unlimited ice-cold beers & sodas
  • Captain Abra & his bottomless G&Ts
  • Paddles and buoyancy aids
  • The floating kayak cooler
  • A tether to stop you floating away!
  • The rig with up to four hammocks
  • $40 per person (two, three or four people)


SUP Hammock Rental

Hire the rig, fill up the cooler at the bar and hang out over the river, it couldn’t be easier. Perfect for those wanting to kick back on their own and enjoy a few blissful hours on the river.

What’s Included?
  • The rig with up to four hammocks
  • The kayak cooler for your drinks
  • A tether rope to stop you floating away!
  • Paddles and buoyancy aids
  • $40 for the first hour &
    $20 for every additional hour


Please note: Sadly the rig can take strictly no more than four people for safety reasons.

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