Source of the Nile

Historical. Enjoyable. Unmissable.

The source of the Nile is on many people’s bucket list and understandably so.

The official start of one of the world’s longest, and possibly most famous river.

With a knowledgeable guide, a cooler of chilled drinks and a peaceful way of seeing this globally known site, our new tours of Speke’s source of the Nile are something we are very proud of.

Source of the Nile tour
  • Visit the source of the world’s longest river
  • On the water away from engine noise
    and the crowds
  • Learn the history of the ‘discovery’
    of the source
  • Tour lead by Abraham Euwlima

Explore this symbolic location on the world map with a tour of the source of the Nile. Though ‘discovered’ in 1858, Lake Victoria has a lot more history to it than the moment that John Hanning Speke arrived on it’s shores. As one of the great African lakes, Lake Victoria, is a crucial lifeline to the fishermen who depend on it’s waters, and the estimated 160 million people that live along the river Nile’s banks.

Skip the tourist traps by joining us on the water and experience the source of the Nile in a unique way. Learn about the history of Speke’s discovery and uncover details about other famous names associated with the source.

Beyond the bird islands and between the fisherman’s boats, you will float past Gandhi’s famous monument which marks the location where his ashes were scattered, right next to where the Owen Falls rapids used to be. Learn about the Nile’s importance in the current political
climate, and discover the reasons why the Nile is considered one of the greatest rivers in the world.

The flat-water tour begins on the shores of Lake Victoria at the lakeside Jinja Sailing Club and
finishes on the Nile river at the Bourbon Bar and Grill.

Our Main Source Guide – Abraham Euwlima

abraham best tour guide in ugandaAbraham is one-of-a-kind. Knowledgeable, charming, humble and
hilarious are all words that have been used to describe Abra and he takes both pleasure and extreme pride in going out on the water with people that want to learn about the river.

A local to Buwenda (the village near our main base), Abraham’s knowledge of the area is a great asset to have on the water as he loves to answer questions on the history of the place you are in and anything that has puzzled you during your stay in Uganda.

Source of the Nile Tour

  • 2 hour tour of the source of the Nile
  • learn about the world’s longest river
  • Get away from the market sellers
    and the tourist traps
  • Enjoy the sunset and a few cold drinks at the start of the worlds longest river
  • Free access to the Nile River Explorers’ Kampala to Jinja shuttle bus
  • Transport to and from the river
  • Tour lead by Abraham Euwlima
  • $75 per person (with two or more people) or $100 one to one

Let Abraham lead you and your party on a tour of the source of the Nile, the start of the world’s longest river.

Relax with a drink in hand as you flow from Lake Victoria into the Nile, learning about this great lake and globally important river.

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Discover the Source of the Nile