Lake Bujagali Tour

Take a floating stroll around this
stunning location.

Investigate the inlets and passages of the islands, learn about and get up close and personal with the wildlife and fauna that reside there.

Starting from the Explorers River Camp on the picturesque Lake Bujagali, you’ll push out onto the water and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the surrounding area, and enjoy a drink with our experienced guides. They will both teach you to enjoy the experience of SUP and the story of the lake formally known as Bujagali Falls.

Abraham, your guide, will introduce you to the river and the various bird species that live amongst the islands and along the riverbank. A local to the area, he will happily answer your questions about the lake, its surroundings and the local culture.

Giant_kingfisher_Megaceryle_maxima_jinja_ugandaYou can expect to see many species of birds while out on the lake, pied kingfishers often hover above us, while
cormorants dive beneath you. With no engine noise, you are be able to get closer to the river’s inhabitants than any other means. There are over a hundred species of birds that have been identified on and around Lake Bujagali. Regular sightings of monitor lizards on the shoreline,
monkeys in the trees and for the lucky, freshwater otters playing in the water alongside their boards or African fish eagles hunting overhead.

At the halfway point on your tour, you’ll refuel with cold sodas, beers or a gin and tonic or two before heading back downstream between a new set of islands. Taking time to just watch the world go by or to see the orange sun drift towards the horizon as you go.

This is a very relaxed way to experience the Nile, at a pace that suits you.

Bujagali SUP tour

  • 2 hour guided cruise
  • Ideal for wildlife & birdwatching
  • Experience SUP on the river Nile
  • Gin & tonics on the Nile
  • $40 per person

Join Abraham on a gentle 2 hour tour of Lake Bujagali, observe the wildlife and have a few drinks while watching the sun set over the Ugandan hills.

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Kayak the Nile Tripadvisor

Joan W, from Ruthin, UK

“What fun we have had!

Our guide Abra, tailored a couple of hours late one afternoon to suit our needs (basically just exploring, and bird watching).

We paddled along the shore line of the lake, around islands, past reed beds, and all on lovely warm, flat water. The gin and tonics from the cool box at sunset were an added bonus (did you realise gin is measured in ‘single’, ‘double’ and ‘Abra’ measures?!)

We are keen birdwatchers and have spent years in Southern and Eastern Africa but had never before seen such a wealth of bird life focused into such a concentrated area.

Abra was knowledgeable about the birds and Kayak the Nile provided a spotter’s guide to the most commonly seen birds on the lake: 4 types of kingfishers, jacanas, storks and several types of heron to name but a few…

I recommend the friendly set-up, the location and the activity to anyone – even those who don’t know much about birds!”

Joan W. Ruthin, UK
via Tripadvisor

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