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Question: How does the free Kampala to Jinja bus work?

Answer: Nile SUP’s clients have free access to the Nile River Explorers Kampala to Jinja shuttle bus*.

Booking your journey on the shuttle is essential so please tell us if you intend to use this service when making your booking. Our bookings number is +256 772 880 322 or email us.

When booking the shuttle, please tell us the departure point in Kampala that you would like to use, and if possible, please provide a contact phone number.

Kampala departure times and locations:

  • Red Chilli Hideaway: 6:30am
  • Kampala Backpackers: 6:30am
  • Nakumatt Oasis Mall (by the elephant): 7:00am
  • Fat Cat Backpackers: 7:15am

The rafting shuttle departs from Jinja at 3:30pm to collect the rafters at the take out before heading to Kampala, and depending on the size of trip, arrives back in Kampala at around 6:30pm.

For our half day options and shorter tours it is possible to return on the shuttle on the same day.

This departure time is too soon for our full day of white water stand-up paddleboarding, as we usually finish between 4pm and 5pm. We suggest either staying over at Bujagali and catching the shuttle back the next day, or we can arrange for you to catch public transport back that evening after kayaking or alternatively we can book a private hire for you.

  • Matatu – 5000-8000UGX
  • Coaster Bus – 8000-10,000UGX
  • Private hire – 130,000 UGX (~$35)

*subject to availability. The shuttle only runs on days when Nile River Explorers is running a rafting trip, which is most days all year around!

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